Bestowed a hush
Gripping on to my ears
Whenever am down
And whenever am happy,
She is my companion.
Singing lulls at night
We sleep together.
Makes me listen to the
Music which de-stress
And relinquish pain.
Sticks on to my body at most,
She is my companion.
Loneliness never seize me
When she grips on to me.
She is my companion.
Yeah am not unaccompanied.!
Yeah am not unaccompanied


© attupatteri



Enthralled by her voice,
The unfrequented heart of him
Burst into happiness.
And so the Manifestation
of the inner him,
Unveiled his obscurity.
Until when his splendid dream,
Fragmented to thin air.

© attupatteri

“A found poem”

A found poem,
Is found in a page
Crafting creativity.
Random words fell in love
And a mass unification takes place
Like a scattered amoeba unites.
Suddenly a wing evolves and
Flungs itself to the intellectual
Err of the poet.
The poet smiles..
© attupatteri

# Untitled poem

Words implemented in my soul 

By her is “Forever”, Which wasn’t there 

Forever as I thought, culminating thou

Apart from the limitation of overflowing 

Concern I had, for her.. 

Absurdist me..! Says she…!! Am I..?? 

© attupatteri 

Am I a fake..?

Am I a fake..
Crawling through someone’s thought.?
Or is it that the world is fake enough,
To mess my lucid song of murky soul..
I don’t know..
Am I happy or am I suffused with unbridled gloomy thoughts,
Making me sad enough to plan an exit from life…
I don’t know..
What am I..??

© attupatteri

Woozy lines of a hapless nightingale.

Bewildered me, on the shore.
Those waves caressing my feet,
And the rumbling sea
Entice me to get off,
Of her memories.
“Inevitable eternal joy
Might be a dream”.
Cries my soul.
My soul, my soul;
It’s where she abode.
Hull to her, was me.
She, left a gash
On her abode, which
Writhe in pain.
Words flow in a stream
The hapless nightingale
In me is back again,
To scream those
Woozy hitherto unknown.

© attupatteri