Bestowed a hush
Gripping on to my ears
Whenever am down
And whenever am happy,
She is my companion.
Singing lulls at night
We sleep together.
Makes me listen to the
Music which de-stress
And relinquish pain.
Sticks on to my body at most,
She is my companion.
Loneliness never seize me
When she grips on to me.
She is my companion.
Yeah am not unaccompanied.!
Yeah am not unaccompanied


© attupatteri


Enthralled by her voice,
The unfrequented heart of him
Burst into happiness.
And so the Manifestation
of the inner him,
Unveiled his obscurity.
Until when his splendid dream,
Fragmented to thin air.

© attupatteri

“A found poem”

A found poem,
Is found in a page
Crafting creativity.
Random words fell in love
And a mass unification takes place
Like a scattered amoeba unites.
Suddenly a wing evolves and
Flungs itself to the intellectual
Err of the poet.
The poet smiles..
© attupatteri

# Untitled poem

Words implemented in my soul 

By her is “Forever”, Which wasn’t there 

Forever as I thought, culminating thou

Apart from the limitation of overflowing 

Concern I had, for her.. 

Absurdist me..! Says she…!! Am I..?? 

© attupatteri 

Am I a fake..?

Am I a fake..
Crawling through someone’s thought.?
Or is it that the world is fake enough,
To mess my lucid song of murky soul..
I don’t know..
Am I happy or am I suffused with unbridled gloomy thoughts,
Making me sad enough to plan an exit from life…
I don’t know..
What am I..??

© attupatteri

Woozy lines of a hapless nightingale.

Bewildered me, on the shore.
Those waves caressing my feet,
And the rumbling sea
Entice me to get off,
Of her memories.
“Inevitable eternal joy
Might be a dream”.
Cries my soul.
My soul, my soul;
It’s where she abode.
Hull to her, was me.
She, left a gash
On her abode, which
Writhe in pain.
Words flow in a stream
The hapless nightingale
In me is back again,
To scream those
Woozy hitherto unknown.

© attupatteri


Drenched with
Heaping dismay,
Fragile heart
Blended with
Lacking reverie;
He at the cusp
Of death and hell…
Took a last glance
Of himself,
Went to take a nap
From which he
Never returned…

© attupatteri

Heart speaks..

My heart speaks
Hitherto unknown.
Scrams in bungle,
My words faint ;
Reculses me
To the soul of
Coarse, Lousy, woozy
Dwelling gash of apathy
Drowns my bliss
In uncouth
And cause havoc
Of myself….

Hapless Nightingale

Hapless Nightingale,
Was so me..
Constrained to sing in
Icy twilight..
Abuts inflammatory,
Lousy acts of my heart
Scrutinize me…!
Could you find any
Squatted brook of
Cuddling dismay…?
Realism is alive..
Strangle it..
I love only

© attupatteri

Sorry friends…

Hello friends, how are you..? Hope you all are doing well.. Am so sorry for not posting anything since August..

Image courtesy :- Google

I was busy setting up myself in M.C.C [Madras Christian college ; Chennai – India] for post graduation. And somehow I managed to complete my first semester with boggled mind, lousily done assignments and badly written exams, overlapped with all my personal problems and complexes. I really doubt whether I  could clear all my exams, maybe I have to re-write all again. Well.. we’ll see what’s going to happen. Apart from that our city was totally affected by heavy rains and floods, last month. So I was in a hectic condition for the last four months… still it is, but manageable.. Hooooo..! (a huge sigh). My second semester started from today. I think I can put up a better result this semester. (1st semester result is not yet announced, but I know it will be a poor result). And I think, I’ll be able to find time to read all your blogs from today onwards, and resume my blogging. Once again sorry friends..


Those words

Never ungracious to me,
Those words, 
No longer
Flung my heart,
Persistently adding love.
Sweetening smiles
Pump out of lips.
And, rejuvenated soul
Dweebs in joy.
Lacking of atrocious
Wickedness in words,
Causes bliss in
Frazzled mind,
And cradles the
Candy smelled
Heartbeat leading
Forever dawn in soul.

© Attupatteri

I am lost #2

# My gamboling
   And pomp dreams
   Of unrestrained joy
   Heaps in hope of
   Losing in her.

# I vied
   Jumped as,
   Like a dweeb.
   Loved and loved
   To be lost in her.

# [waxes heart beat
    Wanes music]

# Her heart,
   A quiver.
   Brittle my soul
   With frequent
   Binge of love.

# Only thing left is,
   A broken compass
   Contrived from
   A broken soul.
   Oh.. No…
   Completely ;
   Lost in her..

© Attupatteri

Exults in hope

Pookkalam - image courtesy - Google

Glistened in a dew,
The dawn dwells
In the soul of beauty,
Waxes inevitable
Eternal smiles
In flowers.
Each petal is
Overfilled in joy
Making the pookkalam*
Whiz in exult of
Love and hope,
And wanes the pain
Of tumble gash.

*Pookkalam – a design we make with flowers on the floor [like a flower carpet] during Onam [the cultural festival of Kerala].

© Attupatteri

Childhood memories of Onam

Image courtesy - Google

Onam is the cultural festival of Kerala [my native], since we live in Tamilnadu, we haven’t celebrated Onam grandly. We do celebrate, but the smell of real onam ; its a great thing. When I was 11 years old we came to Tamilnadu , till then I enjoyed and celebrated onam grandly.

Image courtesy - Google

When I was 5 years old, we [me and my younger brother] both had a poovatti [ A corbeille made of palm leaves] in which we children pluck the flowers in the early dawn from near by temples and fields and etc along with our nearby friends who were elders to us. We pluck the flowers and return. My mom will be waiting for us. She cleans the mud floor in front of our house and we put pookkalam [its a design made of flowers that we pluck].

A Pookkalam - Image courtesy - Google
Image courtesy - Google


Image courtesy - Google

Then in the near by tree in front of our house, my grandpa makes a swing with a rope tied to a wood piece [ which we call as oonjal ], and we play a lot. Since my brother is  the younger one he usually gets the chance to play it for a long time.

Oonjal image courtesy - Google

At noon for lunch we have sadhya [a special meal] ; on that day, instead of using modern utensils we go back to our tradition. Grandpa brings some long banana leaves in which grandma and mom serves the lunch. My dad won’t usually come for onam, he will be busy with his works, here in Tamilnadu. Grandma and mom prepares a lot of traditional food items such as sambhar, rasam, chakka upperi [jack fruit chips], vazhakka vattam [banana chips], elissery, olan, puliyinji [made of jaggery and tamarind], kadumanga [pickle] and at last, there will be a payasam [a desert].

Sadhya - image courtesy - Google

Even in payasam, we have different varieties like semiya, panchara payasam [made of milk and sugar], pradhaman, chakka pradhaman [Jack fruit payasam], palada [made of milk] and etc…

Later we go play with our friends. We celebrate onam for 10 days. The tenth day is the main onam, called as Thiruvonam. It will be a special day for us. Villagers there organize many programs which too will will be astonishing ones,  like Puli kali [men paint themselves as leopard and play, there will be a hunter too] and Vallam kali [boat race] and etc.. I miss them all.

Puli kali -image courtesy - Google
Vallam kali -image courtesy - Google

Why am I saying this now..? Because today, its the seventh onam day of this year, which means, two more days for Thiruvonam [main onam/Aug 28].

Photo credits :- Google images

Image courtesy - Google

Happyyyyyyyy Onam… !!! 🙂 🙂

© Attupatteri

Thank you friends…

Stars aren’t alone
On the sky.
Each is rich
With Friends
Making the sky
Tinge with gold
Though the sky
Is painted dark.
Just one star
Ain’t make it ;
But many.
They glitz the sky.
Me alone, ain’t
Make my blog,
But you, you and you.
We all make it shine.
Think, think, and think again.
Can just a star
Could shine the sky..? Or,
Could I just make
My blog
A blog ; alone..?
No, no, no..
Your support,
Backbone of my blog.
Thank you so much
For making
My blog a blog.
Without you
Its just a grave
Of alive words
From my soul..


Thank you so much.. 🙂 🙂

© Attupatteri

Hope again

Where are you..?
I could see none..
A murky gleam
Twinkle my eyes.
Exhausted soul
Tinge my mind.
You said
You would come,
And said would
Quench my soul
With your smile.
But now..
Why you not
Do so…?
I am here
With a never
Dried hope.
If not now
You would
At least visit me
With a bouquet
Of my favorite
Flowers at my
Then smiles me..

© Attupatteri

Untitled # 3

He felt strange;
Through a
Broken fence
She came in
To solace him…!..?
He ; in surreal.
Her eyes spoke
In sorcery
To his soul.
He squirmed
In her lips..
Tossed himself
To be lost
In her..

© Attupatteri



Hi friends, so I am “Recognised..!.(?)..!”. One of my good friend Ramesh of nominated me for the blogger recognition award. Thank you so much Ramesh. Do checkout his blog, he really have some good stuff..

The Rules..

# Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.

# Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers.

# Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.

# List who you’ve nominated in the post.

# Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).

# Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them.Provide a link to the award post you created.

# Provide a link to the original post on tylerlearnstowrite That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing!

# why am I here..?

As I already mentioned in my about page, this blog is an exact replica of my insight. It speaks and sees the world through my inner eye. And I just thought of opening my insight to the world with my pen and I chose wordpress. Am happy that at least wordpress listens to my soul.

# Advice…

Advice..? Advice..? Advice..? Mmm let me narrate a small story which my grandma used to tell me when I was a child. [Skip it if it bores]

Long long ago, a mother came to a swamiji (a priest / saint) with her son, and she complains about her son, who is addicted to sweets. He eats a lot of sweets everyday. And mother feared it. So she asked swamiji to advice her son to control it. Swamiji thought for a while and asked the mother to come after one week. She did it. She came after one week with her son. This time swamiji advised him and the child promised that he will control it. Mother was happy. But then she asked swamiji “you could have done it last week itself. Why you took a long one week to just advice one child..? Then the swamiji replied :- “when you came with your child last week, I too was addicted to sweets, eats a lot of sweets daily like your son, and you asked me to advice your son to control it.. how can I do it when I too do the same mistake (which she says is a mistake). I was not eligible then. But by the one week you gave me, I controlled it and I think I am eligible to advice anyone on it…”

So anybody can advice anyone, but think when you advice. The advice you give should be either practiced or experienced by you. Else don’t do it..

I just started, haven’t experienced anything, so am not eligible to advice anyone of you… Right..?

So how was the story..? Bored..? Am sorry….

# Nominees :-

# Poetrummager
# Thecrazybaglady
# Zoé la française
# Nia
# Charlypriest
# chevvy8
# Thehutownerblog
# Puchkula
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# Noblethemes
# Agenda19892010
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# Harmonie
# Pravin94

Thank you for reading… 🙂 🙂

© Attupatteri


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Trembling sound
From a dark and
Dried lips arouse.
Soon bullets kissed
Him several times,
And  he gifted
His body to
Hungry earthworms.
Soil took a bathe
With his blood.
Another martyr.
He was never alone,
A group accompanied
Him to heaven.
They just left, by
Gifting the key
To liberty..
Their strive
Bought thriving
Gardens, which
Used their blood
To flourish and
The fragrance filled
Of their sweat.
See the flowers
Because of them..

[To all the heroes
Who sacrificed
Their life
To bring liberty] 

Today [15 – August – 2015] India celebrates its 68th independence day..

© Attupatteri

Apocalypse [found poetry]

[That was a dream]
The day world was
Destroyed ;
The day had been
Particularly hectic.
Icy night sky ;
Flakes rained down,
Silent, dark ,
The living were
Falling away
Like the snow
As one by one
They slipped into death,
To become memories..


You coming with me…?

You coming with me..?
To pluck the flowers
Of the night sky
And to be lost
In the season of spring.
come.. hold my hands
We shall explore the world
And spread into
The soul of globe
Like wise a music
Flows into us.
Flowers bloomed
Spitting the fragrance
So as to usher us, and
A breeze would caress us.

You coming with me..?
To see the leaves
Bathe with dews
And to see
The fog hugs the sky.

You felt a honey pour
In your ears..?
Come.. hold my hands..
Lets walk in and listen
The cooing of the dove,
Music by the wind,
Chattering cascade and the sea.
You felt it..?
Come.. hold my hands…
They are waiting for us..
You coming with me..?

© Attupatteri

My life – a challenge

It seems to be challenging ;
Accompanied by gloomy
Nights and hectic days
Throughout the year
Filled with retrospective
Dusty memories.
None act as a savior,
But I myself endeavor
To solve the challenge.

Pain by the slap of
An undone joy giggles in,
And murky soul abode.
The failure of never ending
Tries made the challenge
Fell in a stoic range.
My life…..
It is still challenging..

© Attupatteri

A hot start

Image courtesy - Google

She gave me a
Hot kiss to my lips
And spreads into me.
I could feel her hotness
From lips to abdomen.
It feels like heaven.
At the end of the night,
She gave me a hot start..

I am a tea addict…

Good morning all..

© Attupatteri
[6:30 A.m ; India]

Untitled #2

Image courtesy - Google

I was about to
Write about something.
Something which I know
Something which I felt, and
Something which I adore.
But I fell into a vast space
Filled with words and phrases.
Confused to select the words
Which could help me to,
Express my those something.
Still… I started to write.

Hoo [a huge sigh].
Some how I,
Chucked out my feelings
Through those lines..

“Where are those
Lines then..?”
I let it flow
In the air..
At least.., let my
Feelings breathe in
The air of freedom..

© Attupatteri

3 days – 3 quote challenge : day 3 #

So today is the third day of the “3 days – 3 quote challenge”. Once again thank you my friend ; for nominating me..

Quote 3 #


“Limit of imagination
Is the measurement
Of your soul…”

Imagination is endless ; you can imagine how long you want, there are no speed breakers, no speed limit and no ending.. use your imagination, do creativity ; endless creativity….

Image courtesy - Google

Imagination #2

Do a lot
Imagination ;
You find ideas
Scattered like stars.
To pick one..?
All those which shines
Are part of
Your imagination.
Gather them into
Your paper.
Aha [ a bliss ].
They achieved
Through you.
You became the creator
When you started
To imagine…..

© attupatteri

Today I invite my following friends to take up this challenge..




[For rules please read my post “3 days quote challenge : day 1#]

Thank you for reading.. 🙂

© Attupatteri

3 days – 3 quotes challenge : day 2 #

Image courtesy - Google

Quote # 2
” I have many problems in my
    life. But my lips don’t know that
  – They always smile…”
                   – Charlie Chaplin..

Just imagine how would be it if you keep a smile in your lips when you are facing a problem and you are in a crowd ; the people around you will be happy as they don’t know that you are weeping inside and will be charged with positive energy ; on seeing it , your mindset will also undergo a change slowly. The negative energy in you will be changed into positive energy. You will be chilled in few minutes. I saw this quote today and felt great. Why don’t we just try it out..?

Image courtesy - Google

Pretend to be happy
It may make you happy..

Today I invite my following friends to take up the challenge..




For rules please do visit my post
“3 days quote challenge : day 1#”

Thanks for reading… 🙂

© Attupatteri

3 days quotes challenge : day 1 #

Hai friends, one of my good friend of thehutownerblog invited me to take up a 3 day 3 quote challenge. Thank you so much my dear friend for doing so. Guys you can check out his blog, he really have some good stuff. There are so many quotes which inspired me a lot, from which I have selected three, to post it in three consecutive days including today..

#.Quote 1.#

Image courtesy - Google

All birds find shelter during a rain.
But Eagle avoids rain by flying above
the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference”
           – Dr. A.P.J  Abdul Kalam

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, a scientist, a teacher and the former president of India has also authored some books, of which “wings of fire” inspired me a lot. Sadly he passed away day before yesterday. Apart from posting one of his quote, I have written a few lines for him..


We ..?
The nation
is weeping sir..
Your “wings of fire”
Protected us sir.
But with those wings
Why you took
A flight of infinite height..
Leaving us behind….
Oh phoenix of the nation
We adore you..
Your death,
Is the only mistake
You did to this nation.
Nation can’t be without you..
Please.. Please.. Please
Return if possible…

Continue reading “3 days quotes challenge : day 1 #”

I am lost..

Image courtesy - Google


I lost something.
Dream..? No
Hope…? No
I think
I lost myself
No where.


I tried to sketch myself,
As I am lost
I don’t know
How will be “I am”
Can you help me..?


At last I found.
I am lost into I,
And it seems
I want to disappear
Into no where,
Which means
I’ll be lost again
Into no where..


Read above ones..?
There is nothing in it.
Ha ha ha [laughing hardly]
They are just fragile lines
From a broken heart.
Ha ha ha [laughing again]
“I am” maybe a crazy one..

© Attupatteri


Image courtesy :- Google images

       She is the only one
       Responsible for my
       Brightly hued world.

       I’ll let her flow
       And so,
       She’ll let me flow.

       Imagination is a
       Powerful magic,
       And I do it
       With the spells
       Of my soul…

© Attupatteri

Starlight blogger award

Hai friends, one of my good friend Uma Parmar, nominated me for starlight blogger award. I really don’t know if am eligible for this nomination ; still am very happy to get it and excited too. Thank you so much Uma for nominating me ; guys you can check out her blog, she really have some good stuff.

So the rules are :-
# Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
# Answer the three questions given to you
# Nominate others.

Following are the three questions

# If ever given a task to write a book, which topic you will hop on to..?

Ans :- Well I love to travel a lot and wish to pen down  my travel experience, and that should inspire my readers to visit such places..

# How do you define life..?

Ans :- Life is like a magic. You have both good spells and bad spells. Use your good spells to complete your magic perfectly.

# “Emotions” – How do they guide existence..

Ans :- we exist only because of emotions, if it is not there, it will be like a rose plant without flowers..

Now the third part of the challenge “nominate others” ; which is really a challenging one, because all my friends really do well.. And so I don’t want to specify any one in person.

To all my friends :- “you are nominated, you can take up the challenge if you wish”..

Thanks for reading…

© Attupatteri

Marina beach

World’s second longest natural urban beach, with a crowd of 30,000 in the weekdays..! That’s Marina beach [ Chennai, India].




Statue nearby Marina
Mahatma Gandhi statue









Santhome Church



© Attupatteri


On a beach,
Counting waves.
It’s hard to
Get away with
Those memories.
Fading sun, and
Never fading memories,
Haunting like
Never ending waves.
I wept, I wept
And I wept..
Wish I had two wings
To fly away…
But lost I am.
Searching a way
Back to smile.
I shouted.
“Could anybody help me..?”
It echoed to myself.
I sat down
Starring at the
Fading sun…

© Attupatteri

Poetry #2

# 1.

To mum my weep
And bliss my soul
I write poetry…

# 2.

Awaken mind,
Sprouted thought,
I plant it on,
The lines I write…

# 3.

Things I see and
Things I hear,
Are well mixed with
Two table spoon of
Imagination and
Baked in my mind,
Decorated with words
And served it
On a paper……

© Attupatteri

Cry of abandoned ones

Image courtesy - Google images

1. Teddy bear

“Hey little tom…
Am here..
Take me back..
You know…?
I caught cold by
Yesterday’s rain..
I know you have
A hospital play set;
You little doctor..
Take me there..
Take care..
Hug me..
Please.. am yours..”
(Still smiling
By weeping inside)..

Image courtesy - Google images

2. A car.

Out this
Weird land.
Is what I been
Dreaming off..

A leopard chasing deer,
I was so, on the road..
And now…
I admit ; my eyes
Are dim and my
Legs are broken
And don’t know
Where some parts are..
Still I have a last wish.
Can anybody take me
For a hike…
An old one’s last hike..

Image courtesy - Google images

3. Books.

Being one of those
Laying down the
Streets ; for days ;
I would like to give
A farewell to
our friend..

You see.. the one
With that guy..
That’s our friend.
Now, he has got
A second chance
To live….
It’s like he’s reborn..

I don’t know
Whether we will
Get a chance like so..
To be free
And updated
From this
Hectic status..
So, my friend,
Never try to return,
It’s better to burn
Yourself than
Laying down the Streets..

Missing you…
With love…..

Image courtesy - Google images

4. Piano.

That day
I received as
Much claps one gets.
They threw flowers at me.
Ah lovely…..
This was when I sung,
“If winter comes,
Can spring be far behind..?”

Life changed a lot..
Being all strings cut ,
I can’t even produce
Weird sounds….
I too have a last wish..
But with this,
How can I sing
Those lines again…?
(Weeping and
Sings in his mind)
“If winter comes,
Can spring be far behind..?”..

© Attupatteri


I wrote a poem,
To get off my pain,
For a relief to my soul.
I thought it would
Help me… But…..
Tears flowed down
Like a river..
So I tore off
The poem I wrote,
And wiped away
My tears……

© Attupatteri

Melting soul

Someone said to me
“There’s a spark in you”.
I wondered…! Do I…?
Then I started digging,
Into my heart ;
And to my mind,
Then to my soul.
I was surprised to see
That it is filled with
Melting ice-cream..
Spark is it’s reflection.
On seeing it,
That “someone” laughed,
“This is enough to
Lead you to danger….!.”
Was astound…
Really…! Do they…?
I don’t know.. well,
Maybe ; but ;
Is not possible.,
Let it melt ; then,
I’ll fill it with rocks.
Because such is
The society…

© Attupatteri

Single man army


A royal big chess board ;
Pawns on either side
Began the war.
All are off to;
To protect me;
The king.
My Rook do move
Killing the bishop.
Furious them dispatch
My Rook.
Faithful knight chased
Their queen jumping
Over the bishop and
Rook and pawns, finally
Killing itself for me…
Pawns were beheaded.
Knights rest in peace.
Almost surrounded,
Ain’t surrender.
Blood stained battlefield,
All alone, ain’t self-doubt,
I’ll lead my army…
Single man army….

         Photo credit : Google images

© Attupatteri

Grey flower

White clouds ;
White sky and
Pigeon and pearl.
Hell ; the soil and
The whole been
Turned white,
Leaving an odd
Blue flower.
Which was me.
Was happy then..

In a blink of eye
I could find no
White any where,
And reflected the
Colour of stress;
The Red ; in my eyes.
And…… And…
What the hell..
My colour…
It…. It changed.
Grey…! Grey…?
Oh no…
Am a lonely
Grey flower now…

© Attupatteri


An unchained black
Wild horse;
Unpredictable gestures;
Such is the waving
Frequency of my
Random thoughts.
I feel of some, and,
Others will pull me away
Making me wounded.
The wounded ones,
I pen it down,
And so might be
My poetry……

© Attupatteri

An endless runner

Got up in the morning, I was totally free today and so I thought of writing something, but unfortunately my mind was blank today, couldn’t even think of a topic.. so I started to play “subway surfers”.. The moment I do, I get involved soon into the game and into the character; its like am the guy who is running through the streets of “Venice” (new version – world tour Venice). And I think myself that am an endless runner ; running, running and running, swiping to right and to left, jumping, dodging, collecting coins and points and running and running and running….. Yes am a little bit addicted to endless running games like Temple run and subway surfers etc…


While we were in class ; college ; we use to play it like a competition, we will choose one mobile (of friend’s) and start playing it, not to use the key if caught by the inspector / monkey (game). We played it as like a chain smoker who is addicted to cigarette ; we were that addicted. Even during exams, we used to gather for a group study the previous day, and someone will be playing subway surfers there too.


I used to think, how will it be, if the game was a real one, we could visit many cities ; surf on the trains / run through an ancient temple of cooling visual 3D architecture… wow… (seems to be childish right..? Haha I am). And this was me before i completed graduation..


After completing my graduation, I have controlled it, but still, that’s the method I used to get out of my boredom…


That day..


Day before that day
I had a hard time
Travelling 12 hours sleepless;
Was literally tired.
I myself threw me of to the bed
Couldn’t sleep much.
I was disturbed, but was happy
To see the one who disturbed
It was rain’s rant.
It was like a huge hug
Given by the nature showing
The sign of love to me,
As i was away from him
For a past, say for, 6 months.
[As i live in a city were
I could only dream of him,
And now am back to native].

I was bulged with sleep, still,
Got an umbrella and got out.
I walk’d through the paths,
Not the tarred ones, enjoying
The gestures made by him.
I put my arms out the umbrella,
Wow.! He is communicating to me.
As like a big brother he was asking
Too many questions, i smiled.

Oh bestie, my love, my brother
You loves me a lot,
Just like as I do.

Days passed, time came to
Take me back to city;
I could see him no where there,
I felt bad, i miss him.
He too may have felt it,
Maybe shedding tears
somewhere far off me..

Oh bestie..! I miss you…
I’ll be back again
Share to you, speak to you
Feel of you and be beside you
Just like as we did on
That day…….


“Hope” by the magic of “Dr Faustus”

Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ship
And burnt the toples towers of Ilium..?

This are the words of “Dr faustus” (a character in the drama “Dr Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe) about Helen of Troy. I memorized it actually for some other purpose, maybe to impress someone but today these words gave me a hope for next five days.. I’ll make it brief.

We (I, venky and other three friends) had both an entrance test and a personal interview for a pg course in one of the most reputed colleges near to us. Exam started at 9:00 A.m, but we were a bit late; we usually are. Exam was a bit easier that i could score 28 out of 40 easily. The thing is that they have allotted three big halls for exam of which all three were almost crowded, means there will be at least 400 to 500 students who have applied for pg and the college have only 40 seats. So it was a tough competition for us. So we literally had no hope. We waited there for say, 3 hours after which they called us for the personal interview..

It was my turn, i sat in front of the interviewer shivering. He asked some personal questions first and then asked to say about any drama i read during my UG. I chose “Dr Faustus” in random. Then he asked me to recollect any of the dialogues, for which i chose the most famous dialogue of Faustus to Helen ;

Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ship
And burnt the toples towers of  Ilium.?

  …which i actually memorized for impressing some one. The interviewer smiled ; by the gesture i think he is impressed with me which gave me a hope. A sudden change, as if Faustus has done some magic. (Faustus is a magician in that drama). Venky and others also had a good experience. Any way the result is yet to be announced. We returned with a hope. Will Faustus do a magic again..? I don’t know.. If done i can be with my friends for two more years.. Let us see..


A poem ?

I was very happy today,
So i decided to write a poem
Took a pen and started to think.
Then i thought, should i write..?
Yes I should, but for what.?
Question went unanswered.
Again i thought should I..?
Yes i should, yes i should.
I decided, I decided… ok,
But what should i write..?