Drenched with
Heaping dismay,
Fragile heart
Blended with
Lacking reverie;
He at the cusp
Of death and hell…
Took a last glance
Of himself,
Went to take a nap
From which he
Never returned…

© attupatteri


Heart speaks..

My heart speaks
Hitherto unknown.
Scrams in bungle,
My words faint ;
Reculses me
To the soul of
Coarse, Lousy, woozy
Dwelling gash of apathy
Drowns my bliss
In uncouth
And cause havoc
Of myself….


Hapless Nightingale

Hapless Nightingale,
Was so me..
Constrained to sing in
Icy twilight..
Abuts inflammatory,
Lousy acts of my heart
Scrutinize me…!
Could you find any
Squatted brook of
Cuddling dismay…?
Realism is alive..
Strangle it..
I love only

© attupatteri


Sorry friends…

Hello friends, how are you..? Hope you all are doing well.. Am so sorry for not posting anything since August..


Image courtesy :- Google

I was busy setting up myself in M.C.C [Madras Christian college ; Chennai – India] for post graduation. And somehow I managed to complete my first semester with boggled mind, lousily done assignments and badly written exams, overlapped with all my personal problems and complexes. I really doubt whether I  could clear all my exams, maybe I have to re-write all again. Well.. we’ll see what’s going to happen. Apart from that our city was totally affected by heavy rains and floods, last month. So I was in a hectic condition for the last four months… still it is, but manageable.. Hooooo..! (a huge sigh). My second semester started from today. I think I can put up a better result this semester. (1st semester result is not yet announced, but I know it will be a poor result). And I think, I’ll be able to find time to read all your blogs from today onwards, and resume my blogging. Once again sorry friends..



Those words

Never ungracious to me,
Those words, 
No longer
Flung my heart,
Persistently adding love.
Sweetening smiles
Pump out of lips.
And, rejuvenated soul
Dweebs in joy.
Lacking of atrocious
Wickedness in words,
Causes bliss in
Frazzled mind,
And cradles the
Candy smelled
Heartbeat leading
Forever dawn in soul.

© Attupatteri


I am lost #2

# My gamboling
   And pomp dreams
   Of unrestrained joy
   Heaps in hope of
   Losing in her.

# I vied
   Jumped as,
   Like a dweeb.
   Loved and loved
   To be lost in her.

# [waxes heart beat
    Wanes music]

# Her heart,
   A quiver.
   Brittle my soul
   With frequent
   Binge of love.

# Only thing left is,
   A broken compass
   Contrived from
   A broken soul.
   Oh.. No…
   Completely ;
   Lost in her..

© Attupatteri


Exults in hope


Pookkalam - image courtesy - Google

Glistened in a dew,
The dawn dwells
In the soul of beauty,
Waxes inevitable
Eternal smiles
In flowers.
Each petal is
Overfilled in joy
Making the pookkalam*
Whiz in exult of
Love and hope,
And wanes the pain
Of tumble gash.

*Pookkalam – a design we make with flowers on the floor [like a flower carpet] during Onam [the cultural festival of Kerala].

© Attupatteri